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Copy Editing

Careful copy editing is a must for your valuable writing. The better editing you do for your document, the more professional it would be. All of us, as humans, commit mistakes, but thanks to the professional copy editors in  Boston Translation Services, you can rest assured that your document will be mistakes-free .


Boston Translation Services provides three levels of professional copy editing services:

1) Proofreading: including grammar and spelling check, punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, spacing and formatting consistency.

2)Copy editing: in addition to proofreading, level one, copy editing focuses on the clarity, correctness, conciseness, completeness and consistency.

Boston Translation Services’ editors will refine sentence and paragraph structure, eliminate redundant words and replace weak words and sentences with stronger synonyms and alternatives. Our top notch editors will make sure that the original sense was not changed or distorted. Our team uses tracking software, such as Microsoft Word Track Changes, to enable you easily and quickly review and accept or reject the changes.

3)   Substantive editing: in this level, we introduce major changes to the original text. Often, this level is requested when the client needs assistance in writing the document, not only editing.

Press Release

Boston Translation Services’ press release service is designed to help your business or institution easily get reach and publicity on the internet on search engines, blogs and websites while saving money and effort. Press release service is designed and provided by Boston Translation Services to help you attract new customers, as well as retaining existing customers.
You only have to:
Write a news announcement about your business or institution. If it’s your first time to write a news announcement, our team will promptly provide you with all what you need of tips, formats and examples;
Pick up the press release package suitable for you. You can add video, optimize your story with keywords and phrases, and choose extra distribution options; and

Enter your story into our ready-made press release template. After checking your release, we’ll publish it on our huge press release distribution network, including well-known news sites, search engines like Google and Bing, in addition to a good number of journalists and bloggers.

Technical Writing

Boston Translation Services transforms your ideas into meaningful words through the professional technical writing service. We explain complicated ideas and innovations to technical and even non-technical audience. In  Ocean Translation Serviceswe provide comprehensive technical writing service, as we provide you with a team of technical writing consultants on an ongoing basis for complete, thorough and up-to-date technical documentation. Our team has the knowledge and experience required to make a difference, whether they work on customer-facing product documentation, internally-focused process documentation or custom training materials for your customers or employees.

Boston Translation Servicestechnical writing services team is trained and experienced to create online assistance, quick start guides, user documentation and other technical documentations for you. Our team pays special attention to communicate your idea effectively to various and multiple audiences. Software users typically range from beginner to advanced, so your technical documentation must be written to communicate to a wide range of skills and experience, which is the main task of  Boston Translation Services’ team.

Video Making

Do you have a product and want to give a video presentation? Are you a photographer and you want to market your business to new clients? Do you want to increase your credibility levels?  Boston Translation Services’ video making service would help you achieve excellence in your business or job.

Boston Translation Services’ video making service translates your objectives into the appropriate and digestible means of communication that are most effective in today’s workplaces. Our team is willing to provide you with high quality videos for the purpose of video marketing or video presentation for your website, business, family events, etc.
Photo Creation

Did you collect several photos and images for your presentation and want to combine them in a professional manner? Or even do you want someone to collect and sort photos about a certain topic for you?

Our top notch team in  Boston Translation Services is composed of creative Photoshop designers who will help you create unique and mesmerizing photos by compositing and combining your images along with several other images that you envision for your presentations. Our team utilizes graphics and Photoshop software, brushes and overlays to create special effects that would enhance and polish photo’s mood and theme.
Logo Design

When it comes to logo creation, you should think twice before deciding the designer of your logo. Your logo is the element that embodies your brand and leaves impression on your existing and potential customers. It should match the essence of your brand with its public presence.

Boston Translation Services’ experts and professionals work on combining your vision with clever design, guiding you through the entire process. We assure you that your logo will be:

Genuine: A unique visual identity that reflects and expresses your brand's value and style;


  • Identifiable: Instantly recognizable and memorable to your existing and potential customers; and
  • Attractive: It combines simplicity with power to create your brand.

Do you have a document with images that you need to market or distribute among a wide range of audience or customers?

Worth publishing documents are worth a professional DTP. You definitely need to maintain your document's layout consistency across multiple languages. Desktop publishing services provided by  Boston Translation Services will help you adapt your content and images in order to maintain the original sense of the source text and globalize your content.

Boston Translation Services provides document composition, brochure compiling and book editing services. Our desktop publishing and typesetting professionals are well-versed in creating and adapting existing layouts for multiple languages and text orientation of typesetting sophisticated languages. We deliver you professional files ready for print.

Our team uses updated versions of typesetting and DTP software and tools including Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Quark Express and Corel Draw, among others.

Boston Translation Services provides three levels of DTP services:

Text formatting;
Layout designing; and
Multilingual desktop publishing.

it's a pleasure for us to help you