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Document Translation

Legal Translation

In Dubai business environment, legal translation is a general indispensible daily activity. In legal documents, every word and letter counts. That is why legal translation is one of the most difficult fields of translation that requires rigorously high standards. In  Boston Translation Services, we are aware of legal documents sensitivity, and we believe in the proverb saying: "horses for courses". Having a team consisting of both translators and legal consultants, we firstly analyze the legal text in order to understand and perceive its implications. Then we begin to translate the text based on our understanding of its overt and covert meanings.

Technical Translation

Technical materials are used virtually in every industry to instruct, advise, educate, sell, and communicate. Bad, or even inaccurate, translation in such field may not only undermine the brand of a company, it may also result in dangerous consequences and expose the company to unforeseen liabilities.

Accurate technical translation is a "must-have" in today's global marketplace. Customers need to quickly and efficiently understand enormous amounts of information. That is why  Boston Translation Services pays special attention to provide accurate and professional technical translation with support documents, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance and standards information in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Medical Translation

Undoubtedly, medical translation is one of the most critical and specialized types of translation. For we believe that a word can save life,  Boston Translation Services' strategy takes into account the fact that medical translation should be carried out through a professional team of translators with scientific and medical backgrounds and skills.

Boston Translation Services provides medical translation in more than 150 languages through a wide network of dozens of qualified translators on whom you can rely.

Business Translation

In today’s challenging economic environment and in the shadow of market expansion, you need experienced translation providers to help you meet your business translation needs.  Boston Translation Services works with large, medium and small establishments on a daily basis to meet all of their business translation requirements. Having a multinational/multicultural footprint is an absolute must in today’s global economy. To compete effectively, you, together with your organization, will need professional high-quality translation services to support your business activities.

At  Boston Translation Services, our business translation service incorporates a multi-disciplined approach involving translation experts in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and law. In many instances, we have several experts working on one translation project to ensure it accomplishes your objectives while protecting you from potential liabilities. This is often the case when legal and business communications mix. The way you say something in a particular region or country can have legal implications that do not exist in another country.

Banking, Economy & Finance Translation

Banking, economy and finance (BEF) translation ranks among the hardest translation fields. Deadlines are tight, quality standards are extremely stringent and the subject matter is often not known in advance as it is determined by day-to-day events. In addition, there are relatively few translators with experience and high qualifications in such field.

Boston Translation Services provides financial translation, including translation of banking statements, equity research reports, quantitative analysis, company summaries, financial news, as well as investor relations materials and annual reports. Such translations are provided by professional translators with experience in the field of finance in order to guarantee top quality.

Media & Press

Translation of media and press content requires talents and skills. A translator who works with such field of translation must be knowledgeable and have the skills of simulating the style of press writings.

There are two types of media and press translation; the first one is the news articles. This type is easy to translate because it narrates a certain event. The other one is the editorial and analytic articles. In this type of articles, the writer uses many metaphors and similes trying to express one's own attitude towards a certain topic. Translating such type of articles requires skills and good ability to express and use the target language.

Thus, the objective of media texts is to emphasize various aspects of human thought. Such field of translation utilizes symbolism, puns and metaphors that target the human emotions rather than trying to convey specific information.


In order to convey, as closely as possible, the same intent of the source text, we hire specialized translators experienced in media and press translation. It is our goal, in  Boston Translation Services, to convey the same emotions and values of the source text while maintaining the integrity of the target text.

Culture & Ideology Translation

Translation, by definition, entails the transformation from one culture into another. So, it shouldn't be practiced by bilinguals, but rather only professional bi-cultural persons could accurately translate texts, especially those involving cultural and ideological issues.

In  Boston Translation Services, we follow a highly disciplined approach in translating cultural and ideological texts. We entrust such tasks to specialized translators who are aware of the cultural differences in order to produce accurate and impartial translation of the source texts. In addition, we have a team of religion-experts who are promptly willing to serve you with translation for any sensitive religious texts you have.

Science & Technology

Boston Translation Services understands that accurate, eloquent and fluid translation is essential for the effective communication of science and vital for the globalization of scientific studies and journals. When a scientific text is sent to us,  you can rest in the knowledge that your document will not pick up errors or falter in its style.

Boston Translation Services pays special attention for technical, engineering and scientific texts where precision, accuracy and consistency are particularly important and notoriously hard to achieve. We hire a team of translators with knowledge and backgrounds in technology and science.

Politics & Diplomacy

Translators of diplomatic and political text must have a vast wealth of knowledge and be updated of political terminology because there are new political terminologies appear every day. Also, such a translator must have the same skills as a press translator has.  

We at  Boston Translation Services understand the utmost important role that languages play in multicultural diplomacy and international affairs, so we rely on professionals with specialized knowledge of institutions like the UN, NATO, European Commission, IMF, World Bank, G7, amongst others.


General Translation

In a closely connected world where information and data travel in abundant quantities from anywhere to anywhere around-the-clock, translation plays the key, and may be the only, role of communication. Communicating information from one source culture into a specific destination is a highly critical process that goes far beyond language transformation. Migrating content from one culture to another, i.e., translation, is a complex mission that requires high alertness to accuracy and proficiency in a time-sensitive process. 

Boston Translation Services professional team of translators is made up of hand-picked calibers and multi discipline experts who are ready to meet all your translation requirements in whatever language. Being native speakers of all target languages, our professionals will happily provide you with accurate and culture-sensitive translation to help you communicate your information, and deliver corporate message to your global audience.

Multimedia Translation


Nowadays, much of the organization-customer communication is turning from the form of texts into visual messages. Moreover, customers highly prefer to receive information in such a way. Much of today's e-learning relies on multimedia to deliver training. As for user interfaces, multimedia should be properly localized and culturally adapted before such materials can be used and targeted to international audiences.

Actually, multimedia is designed and meant to leave an impression. If you have decided to expand your global base of audience, you have to assure the ever best impact of different contents directed to each market to maintain the success and reputation of your brand.


In  Boston Translation Services, we are the leaders in the field of multimedia customizing for local markets through our dedicated multimedia localization services including project setup, multilingual voice over and QA testing. Boston-delivered Video Translation Services allow you to fast reach your local customers with a cost-effective option.

Video Subtitling

As multimedia platforms become more and more commonplace across all walks of life, our clients’ need to make their products and services stand out from the crowd has never been more apparent. At Boston Translation Services, our long experience of handling e-learning materials or other multimedia projects indicates that we have built up a wealth of experience in this sector and can professionally and easily help you find the best way to move forward.


One of the most technical aspects of multimedia localization is the translation of videos and visuals. Definitely, you cannot simply and easily “translate” a video into another language the same way you can do with a document or a piece of software. There is a wide range of processes and things to think about before even starting this sort of project. In  Boston Translation Services, we receive your video and go through all of such complicated processes through our team of professionals in translation and video subtitling, and then we deliver you the video with professional and accurate subtitling.

Photo/Image Translation

As globalization accelerates both economically and culturally, there is an increasing demand to obtain the latest information from all over the world and communicate easily and smoothly with people from other countries. Photos and images are among the most effective methods of communicating information as the visual effect leaves more impression. You may have an image with a text written on it. You need to convey the text, together with the visual element into another language. At  Boston Translation Services, we provide such kind of translation through top notch translators and Photoshop experts, in order to convey the same sense and message of the original photo/image into the target one.


Boston Translation Services’ team of leading dubbing talent provides culturally accurate and localized dubbing for TV broadcasts, videos, short and feature films, documentaries and commercials. In order to convey the original message of the source content to the global market place and local communities, it is essential that the dialect, accent and speech are localized and conveyed for the clients’ target audience. Even the most skilled actors cannot mimic regional differences in accent or dialect unless they are native to the target country and region.


Each and every translation service provided by  Boston Translation Services is guaranteed by our industry leading quality assurance system. Upon the successful completion of the project, we deliver the certifiable translation and dubbed files in the format requested by the customer.

Voice Over

Voice-over multimedia localization services are widely used in video productions to replace audio content not spoken by an actor in a particular scene. Documentary films commonly use voice-overs, as there is usually a background voice describing such scene.

The success of our clients’ voice-over projects relies on the superior quality of the sound and recording. Your  Boston Translation Services project manager partners with leading recording studios to guarantee that the end user product is of the highest technical quality; timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voice-over narration. Eventually, we deliver the top quality audio files in the format requested by the client.

Voice-over localization services do not require the precision involved in dubbing or subtitling; however, they still need to follow a time sequence. This requires the proper equipment and expertise. At Boston Translation Services, we have a qualified team with a long experience in providing voice-over services. We ensure the highest quality output for your target audience.

ICT Translation

As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is driving the information migration from one culture to another, one locale to another and one language to another, new forms of translation have emerged. We provide professional packages of ICT translation covering almost all your needs around-the-clock. Ever-adaptable to new developments,current Boston ICT Translation sector includes the following: 

E-mail Translation

Do you have a good number of multilingual correspondences between your company and customers? Do you want to communicate across the language barriers?

Boston Translation Services will happily offer you professional e-mail translation service, through which you will be able to communicate in more than 24 languages  with no more effort than it takes to send us the e-mail you need to translate.

Software Localization

Do you have a strategic plan to expand your business? Do you plan to operate in new markets out of your country of origin? Will you deal with new type of stakeholders?

Business expansion to global markets is, of course, a key indicator of growth and opportunity. Yet, in case the transfer of your technical business processes is carried out inefficiently, the new market will then be a threat to the success of your strategy. The challenge gets even more difficult when coupled with issues like software interface adaptation to the targeted market and new mix of audience, application quality and inflexible deadlines. 

This is exactly where  Boston Translation Services professionals and software localization experts fit our customers. Our consultants shall be working with you since the inception of your strategy to help on two levels:

(a) Initiation: define new market’s system requirements and give insight to development process

(b) Implementation: localize the system user interface, carry out engineering requirements, run system quality tests

This process of  Boston Translation Services is provided in whatever language wherever location.  Boston Translation Services’ core value is to enhance your market penetration abilities, shorten production time, enhance global operations and achieve your strategy objectives maximizing your market share and enhancing your corporate profitability.

SMS Translation

SMS/text messages translation service is highly important for customers dealing with foreign people who speak languages they don’t understand. This service enables customers to translate 160-character SMS messages into more than 24 different languages.

While many translation companies provide SMS translation service, most of them are based on computer programs. This means that the translation would not be accurate and would be similar to Google Translate. In  Boston Translation Services, we provide such services through a team of professional translators aware of the customers’ needs, and that is simply the reason why we excel.

Website Translation Overview

Undoubtedly, we invest now in a challenging and competitive marketing environment. In such environment, successful and international corporates basically rely on marketing to get ever greater opportunity and more effective participation in global market. That is why web translation is a key driver to bridge the global cultural gap, is it a difficult equation? Indeed it is. But our professionals in  Boston Translation Services provide the optimum solutions that fit your needs and enhance your scalability. The specialized website translation provided by  Boston Translation Services’ e-marketing professional team along with qualified translators will help you grow more and more through increasing your findability and enabling you to maintain a firm control over your business and maintain its web presence.

Website Content Translation

Do you have a monolingual website for your corporate? Want to develop its content in multiple language portals and then mange them in a more professional way?

We, in  Boston Translation Services, have the solution, while developing multiple language portals and effectively managing them is, no doubt, a challenging and time-consuming experience, you never have to be worried about it at all.  Boston Translation Services has the professional expertise qualified to face the challenge through the adoption of Translation Proxy. Our team of consultants provides a cloud-based translation to facilitate the globalization process of your website. Definitely, this will help you customize your multiple language portals in whatever language, and wherever your corporate is located, in a global, consistent, prompt and cost effective manner.

Finished uploading the content on your website and worried about how to translate it into multiple languages?

You, of course, want to keep the same features of your website and apply them to other language portals, taking into account the cultural differences. In  Boston Translation Services, our specialized consultants will help you maintain the content of your website as is in the target language so the original message will be delivered to a multitude of audiences all over the world; and any updates you make on your primary content will be reflected on the other multiple language portals immediately through using Translation Proxy. Our professional consultants are working on such Translation proxy to unlock more opportunities for you and your corporate to grow and extend all over the world.

Crowdsourced Translation

Nowadays, we spend more time of our lives virtually than the time we spend in the actual environment. That is why Internet is an excellent environment to foster discussions, e-learning, marketing, etc. You may have a good number of excellent content – such as, blogs, dictionaries, wikis, and other kinds of content – supporting your brand. When you want to expand your brand and reach new markets, all of such content could help you spread your message.

In  Boston Translation Services, we excel at providing localization services through our hand-picked team of professional translators and localizers to harness the power of the global crowd to deliver professional, accurate and cost-effective translation.

SEO Translation

Do you wish to raise your competitiveness? – Invest in a new market. Get ready now to penetrate new markets and equip your brand with an attractive website in the language of such new market. Translating the website of your brand is one of the most cost-efficient ways to extend your horizons and communicate globally. Even though many translation companies provide website translation services, most of them don’t pay due attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way to top the search ranking and to get more web traffic on your website.

Boston Translation Services' SEO qualified translators pay due consideration to the keyword search volume and keyword competition during the translation of your website. So, choosing the right keywords would be the key to your success. Choose  Boston Translation Services, and we will choose the right keywords for you.

Real-Time Translation

It was proven that about 90% of the content never reaches the clients who don’t understand your language.

Boston Translation Services solves this world communication challenge and obstacle with its customized, real-time translation platform through which we provide instant translation for your communications and e-conferences into multiple languages.

Boston Translation Services is promptly willing to provide you with cost effective, high quality, and instant real-time translation service, through which you can broaden your reach, strengthen corporate-customer relationship, unlock new opportunities and cut the support costs..

it's a pleasure for us to help you